Magpul is known for aggressive design solutions that are simple, intuitive, and affordable. Founded in 1999, their original product, called simply “the Magpul,” was a rubber tab to aid reloading rifle magazines under stress. Since then, Magpul has grown and developed dozens of other innovative products using the same focus on innovation, simplicity, and efficiency.

Magpul listens to users, but they don’t use market surveys. They look for equipment-capability gaps and develop solutions based on mission requirements. The R&D guys at Magpul start with mission-driven requirements to dictate design, material construction, and manufacturing methods that will be most efficient without sacrificing quality or performance. Their designs are famous for incorporating ergonomic considerations and proper user interface. The unique Magpul feel is a product of this design philosophy. The design goal is to produce intuitive simplicity. Using subtle visual and tactile features, the product’s form instructs the user about its function.

One of my favorite things about Magpul is their performance-based marketing. Magpul has never used an advertising agency; everything is done in-house. This explains the simple, educational marketing. An educated consumer will seek a quality product. Using the Internet, training classes, and instructional DVDs, Magpul just explains their design logic and lets the market do the rest.

Magpul recently abandoned its Colorado facilities and headed to Texas and Wyoming. It seemed logical that this move would require a slowdown in development and production. Once again, Magpul does the unexpected and rolls out 15 clever new products at SHOT show. I got the chance to spend some time with the great staff at Magpul and asked them to talk about their best new products.


The PMAG 17 GL9 is a full-size 9mm magazine for Glock pistols. The 17-round polymer magazine has some clever features: paint pen dot-matrix for labeling, tool-less floor plate removal, and a capacity indicator hole.

MS1 Padded Sling

The MS1 Padded Sling can be configured as a two-point sling or a one-point sling with adapters. The MS1 slider lets you adjust to either lengthen or shorten the sling with no slipping once set, with no tails, loops, or other potential snag hazards. As a two-point sling, the MS1 allows easy shoulder transitions, rapid adjustability for hands-free rifle carry, and support for firing from different shooting positions.

Magpul Remington 700 Hunter Stock and Bolt Action Magazine Well

The Magpul Remington 700 Hunter Stock is compatible with all Remington 700 Short Actions. This user-installed drop-in polymer stock uses a machine-finished, anodized A380 cast aluminum bedding block to provide a perfect fit. The Hunter has the great ergonomics one expects from Magpul. It provides adjustable length of pull and comb height. M-LOK slots in strategic positions accept accessories.

The Hunter accepts the Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well. This is a drop-in solution for those that are wishing to add a detachable box magazine to their Remington 700. With no gunsmithing, you can use AICS pattern, short-action magazines. This kit also includes one Magpul PMAG 5 7.62mm AC magazine.

Magpul AK Stocks

The Magpul AK stocks are here. The top of the line is the Zhukov-S Stock. The Zhukov-S Stock is a folding, collapsible stock with QD sling mounts, modular cheek risers, and a shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad for superior traction. The Zhukov has right-side folding for compatibility with side-mounted optics. The unique wedge block adjusts to fit most common stamped AK receivers without modification.

The Zhukov Hand Guard provides an extended grip for modern shooting techniques, and M-LOK slots for accessories. The base is an aluminum chassis for strength and heat dispersion, covered by an injection-molded cover.

The original AK was designed to be used by undernourished teenage conscripts. The Zhukov Stock and Hand Guard fits most normal-size humans.

M-LOK Rail Covers

M-LOK Rail Covers are low-profile and lightweight covers for M-LOK slots. Made of heat-resistant material, they offer an enhanced gripping surface. They can be customized for any length or combination of colors.

“If you come expecting a fair fight, you are unprepared.” This saying embodies the core values and mindset at Magpul. Their attention to function and ergonomics gives each shooter the optimum fit to provide them an unfair advantage over the competition, whoever they may be.

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