An almost-perfect backpack often would be perfect with an additional small pouch for storage and organization. A cavernous main pouch in a pack is great – if you actually need it. When you don’t but instead want compartmentalized storage for smaller items, a water-repellent organization pouch from Magpul is a great option. The Magpul DAKA XL Pouch is an easy-to-overlook but tough piece of gear.

The DAKA XL Pouch is large enough to contain many common laptop sizes and offers a sufficient level of waterproofing for it with the use of a YKK AquaGuard® zipper. It is not 100% waterproof (i.e. do not submerge completely in water) but it will keep contents dry under most wet weather conditions. It can be used to store and organize virtually anything you can think to fit inside, but is ideal for electronics cables, EDC and survival gear, trail snacks and other food items, ammunition and brass, first aid items, and the list goes on.

It is durable and well-constructed. The zipper functions very easily, and the bag is flexible enough to fit inside any appropriate backpack or go-bag. The welded seals around the edges ensure long-life and make it very difficult for this bag to come apart through wear and tear. It has carabiner attachment points if you want to strap it onto the outside of a pack or suspend it at a campsite. The DAKA XL Pouch — like it’s smaller counterparts — might not be the most exciting piece of gear you will ever pick up. But if you need a storage option for your pack or vehicle, this is a great piece of gear that won’t let you down when you need it.


  • Extra Large Pouch overall dimensions: 9.8″x16.2″
  • Zipper opening: 12.75″
  • Reinforced polymer fabric with anti-slip texture
  • Welded construction creates permanent impenetrable seals
  • YKK AquaGuard® water repellant zipper
  • 550 paracord with heat shrink tubing for enhanced grip, even with gloves
  • Paint pen dot matrix debossed into body for identification marking
  • Carabiner attachment points
  • Made in the USA

What can you do with this pouch? Magpul has some suggestions in the video below.