MagPul has become a true giant.  Beginning with a simple plastic adaptation of a trick war-fighters were doing to overcome shortcomings in gear MagPul now makes everything from firearms accessories to clothing.  Personally I’ve been disappointed with apparent abuse of their industrial might with the release of products that couldn’t have gone through any legitimate R&D program.

The AK magazine required a three generations in short order to finally adopt a simply feature that the Soviets had been doing for 70 years!

The Glock

This may sound like an anti-MagPul rant.  I like some of their products and appreciate the innovation that they offer, but also feel that a company with so strong of a market presence has some responsibility to ensure that every product it worthy of the brand.  Their latest is a magazine well for Glock pistols that retails for around $25.  I hadn’t seen much reason for a magazine well extension on handguns until L2D Combat made one that not only provided enhanced reloading, but also meant that my pinky finger was safe from potential pinches on the Glock 19.  With the positive experience from L2D Combat in mind I decided to try the latest from MagPul.  At only $25 will it be worth it?  Watch the video and decide for yourself.  Let us know your thoughts in the a comment below.