Now that winter is upon us…well, it’s upon me, it’s time to talk about maintaining our warm weather gear. And nothing wins the war on insulating better than goose down. It’s insulation to weight ratio is second to none. And with the ability to compress down to a fraction of its lofted size, it’s my choice for sleeping bags and blankets as well. But down insulation isn’t perfect. Natural goose down comes with a few limitations. A big one is water. When down gets wet, the feathers clump together losing their ability to trap air and insulate. So when it comes time to wash a down jacket or sleeping bag, Grangers has developed a new kit for not only washing and restoring their original loft, but restoring the original water repellency as well.

Grangers Wash + Repel Down 2 in 1 solution is just what I needed to maintain a couple of my favorite jackets. The Black Diamond Cold Forge Hoody and a newer Outdoor Research Illuminate Down Hoody. Both have been well used in the past couple of months. And both are in need of a proper washing. Just like shampoo and conditioner, this 2 in 1 product kills two birds with one stone. The first step is cleaning the down product without damaging the delicate material within. All while removing dirt, eliminating odors, and preventing harmful residue build-up. The second step is Repel. Restoring the water-repellent finish to your down gear, leaving it fully protected. Finally, the three drying balls help restore the loft while tumble drying on a low setting.

Restored loft as well as water repellency

Grangers Wash + Repel Down 2 in 1:

  • Suitable for use on all down-filled articles, including sleeping bags and jackets.
  • Removes dirt and neutralizes odor without reducing loft or impairing performance.
  • Provides fluorocarbon-free water-repellency without requiring heat activation.
  • Includes three reusable dryer balls to prevent down clumping and improve drying time.
  • Environmentally-conscious and bluesign system approved

Originally founded in Watford UK in 1937, Grangers has dedicated themselves to providing outdoor protection to a wide variety of products and people. Including Mt. Everest adventurers, extreme backpackers and survivalists, and explorers of both the North and South Poles. The past decade has been dedicated to PFC-free aftercare solutions. Grangers was the first aftercare company to earn bluesign® system approval for the vast majority of their products.