YouTuber GunCraft101 melts aluminum cans, casts them in a mold, and then machines them into an AR-15 lower receiver. This is a feel good  Earth friendly recycling project that everyone can love.

***There is not enough information included in this video to build a firearm. ***

“This was a huge project for me, and I learned a lot. I also made a multi-part video series of the complete build with all the challenges, hiccups, and details, so check out those vids if you want more.”


1. How long did it take? I estimate it took 30-40 hours over a 2 month period to build.

2. Why not buy an 80% lower? This was all about the challenge and learning more metal working skills. I wasn’t going for easy or fast. I had a blast making this!

3. Is it legal? Yes, it is legal to build a gun for personal use without a license or permit.

4. Will you sell it or make me one? No. I do not have a permit to sell guns. Period.

5. Don’t you know it’s not safe to shoot at water? Not true. Bullets may ricochet off of water, just like they could off of steel, stone, or other hard surfaces. As long as you are aware of that fact and make sure the shot is safe even if it ricochets, then it’s fine.

6. Do you have any idea where those bullets are going that you shoot at the water? Yes, into the hill that rises 30 feet up behind it. The video may be deceiving, but there is more than enough of a backstop there.

7. Aren’t you worried about lead in the water? No. Bullets contain elemental lead which is extremely stable and won’t leach into the water. If the bullets were on the ground anywhere in the collection area of the pond every time it rains it would be the same effect as the bullet being in the pond due to run-off. Also, fishing tackle and sinkers are often made of lead as well.

8. Whats the song in the outro? Battleground, by Ethan Meixsell

9. Do you have to put a serial number on it? No, it’s not required by law. But FC101 just made sense.

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