(Article originally published on Breach Bang Clear by Dave Merrill)

We’ve all heard of the Good Idea Fairy–that mystical demon disguised as an angel that grabs roots in one’s mind, passing all sorts of nonsense off as brilliance.

But I have something worse. I have a Bad Idea Enabler.
And his name is Jack.

My favorite pistol to shoot is a Han Solo Blaster. That is, a Glock 17 all rigged up with an ALG 6 Second Mount (see my review from last year on the RECOIL Magazine webpage). The non-reciprocating Aimpoint allows for faster followup shots. The slightly forward balance, especially with a WML mounted, makes for an exceptionally flat muzzle under recoil. And of course you get all of the advantages of any red dotted pistol. But as you can tell, it also has a fairly large footprint. Though there are holsters available, none of them are what I’d call comfortable inside my pants.

This isn’t a huge deal. After all, most of my firearms aren’t CCW weapons anyway, and there are still some practical roles for my Blaster. It’s great for a hotel nightstand, for example. I have also been known to roll with it mounted inside an automobile. While I would like to have a trunk gun riding shotgun on the passenger side 24/7, it’s unfortunately illegal in my state. Some of my peers skirt these silly restrictions with rifle caliber “pistols”, and some others have opted for pistol caliber carbines that share magazines with their CCWs. Both options allow for increased accuracy and longer engagement distances than your average pocket gun. They are also harder to conceal and properly secure than a Han Solo Blaster.

Since it’s not quite a PDW but still much more than a simple pistol, I was thinking about a way to add more stability and perhaps increase the [already longer] range of a 6 Seconded Pistol. Toward the end of the summer of 2015, Steve Fisher and I had a conversation about attaching a sling to it. Herein lay the conundrum.

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