I recently did a review of my favorite .22LR revolver and the importance and adaptability of .22LR ammunition. The Marbles Catch 22 has a great method for carrying your favorite .22 ammunition into the field. Instead of having those small boxes of .22 fall apart in your pack, these give you an organized way to store and carry that ammunition. Each container holds 50 rounds of ammunition (10 tubes holding 5 rounds each).

Marbles Catch 22 Rimfire Ammunition Dispenser

I’ve been storing and carrying my .22LR ammunition in the Marbles Catch 22 containers for a little over a year now without any complaints. I personally have 3 of the containers and use each for different .22 ammo. I have labeled on the back of each what ammo is contained in each for quick and easy reference.

Marbles Catch 22 Rimfire Ammunition Dispenser

If you scout or hunt with a .22 out in the field take a look at the Marbles Catch 22 for your ammunition storage on the go. The Marbles Catch 22 can be purchased at Midway USA for only $9.99 each.

Specifications: courtesy of midwayusa.com

  • Capacity: 50-rounds of .22 LR, 30-rounds of .22 WMR, or 30-rounds of .17 HMR
  • Clip for attachment to belt
  • Organizes ammunition in 10 staggered holes
  • Detents on the sliding lid allow access to the holes individually, without dumping out additional rounds
  • When the lid is slid open for access, each hole will allow the rounds to dump out in your hand – this loader is not designed to fit onto the magazine tube
  • Intended to protect cartridges from dust and dirt