Courtesy of Tactical Life

The official YouTube channel of the U.S. Marine Corps is replete with all manner of tactical goodness, from artillery Marines raining steel on ISIS in Syria to a 31st MEU pilot showing off the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System laser-guided rocket. And then, of course, there’s cooking bacon with your gun.

Yeah, that’s right — one of the videos that recently caught our eye is entitled “Gunner Fact or Fiction: Rifle Bacon.” In the clip, which you can check out above, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian P. Wade, Division Gunner, 2nd Marine Division, demonstrates exactly how hot a suppressor can get while attached to a small arms weapon near Camp Lejeune, N.C.

How does he do this? By wrapping bacon and foil around the attached suppressor, firing off multiple rounds, and essentially “vaporizing” (as Wade puts it) the bacon. It’s not often that we get hungry while watching “tactical” videos, but this footage pulled it off.

The Gunner Fact or Fiction series is meant to dispel “common myths and misconceptions regarding the true physical aspects of Marine Corps weapon systems,” the Marines say.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life