(Article originally published on Tactical Life by Massad Ayoob)

The various militaries throughout the world probably buy the full-size 9×19 GLOCK 17 service pistols for their fighting men and women than they do any other GLOCK. In the United States, where the GLOCK is by far the most popular brand of police duty handgun, the .40-caliber GLOCK 22 seems to have been adopted as standard issue by more law enforcement agencies than any other.

Among law-abiding private citizen gun owners, however, the most popular model appears to be the GLOCK 19. Some close to the company call the G19 Gen4 the “gateway GLOCK,” because so many people who now own several GLOCK pistols for assorted purposes started their collection with a G19 Gen4. It’s a significant phenomenon that can be explained.

Path To Success

We offer as a case study one Gail Pepin. Ms. Pepin, a Chicagoan, grew up in a non-gun-owning family. Several people in her circle of friends were in the same situation, and one night they found themselves wondering what the attraction of firearms was to those who were so enthusiastic about them. They all had open minds and decided to find out: They signed up for an introductory course in gun safety and shooting.

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