The folks over at Massif have produced a casual wearing pant for individuals operating in a wide variety of environments that want to keep a low-key appearance. With a flow of requests coming in to produce this style of pant, Massif, being the kick ass company they are, listened to their customers and designed the flame resistant ARC Pant.

I’ve rocked these pants for about a month and a half. When covering the ARC Pant, lets disregard its flame resistance for a moment and focus on the design. After visiting the Massif Headquarters and design house in Ashland, Oregon earlier in the month, one thing is certain – Massif is meticulous in their research and design. I will get more into that in an upcoming article featuring our trip to the kings of flame resistance.

Pockets & Storage

The Massif ARC pants have a total of seven pockets. Normally, I would consider seven pockets overkill for a pair of pants, but not with these. The pocket design and layout is not only intuitive, but speaks to the amount of effort put into the design process. One poor feature of most multi-pocketed pants is they tend to snag if brushing up against certain objects. The two large side pockets sit flat against the outside of each leg, but also have a bellowed design that allows for expanded storage space. The large cargo pockets also feature a zipper with the pocket flap sewn on one end to prevent additional snagging or damage to the zipper.

massif arc pant side

There is a designated cell phone pocket integrated with the right cargo pocket. The pocket is large enough to fit an iPhone 6 or similar size phone and has a velcro closure. The pocket also has ample room to store a pocket field guide for EMS (emergency medical services) or your favorite habitual treats. The rear pockets uses a small 1″ x 1″ velcro closure on the flap. This keeps the pocket flap closed, but doesn’t make a hassle to pull out your wallet, money clip, or similar item.

massif arc pant cargo pocket zipper

For me, the standout feature of the Massif ARC Pant is the front pockets. The opening of each pocket is very large. So large, that you can wear a pair of gloves and still retrieve items. The stitching wraps around the side of the pants and seals the pocket when seated. You can have a pocket full of change or small items and not worry about items sliding out when traveling down a bumpy road or in rough aircraft.

massif arc pant cargo pocket zipper open


The Massif ARC pants have a relaxed fit with a reinforced gussets in the crotch. The ergonomic design and stitching around the knee helps give these pants good airflow and a reduced chance of blowing out the stitching when taking a knee. I will never again own a pair of pants without gussets in the crotch. There are certainly times to have good ventilation, but not when you’re taking a knee and going commando. The material is soft and similar to wearing a pair of khakis or full cotton pants. The Massif ARC Pant comes with a shaped waist and belt loops to accommodate belts up to 2.5″

massif arc pant zipper

Flame Resistance

Massif has been an industry leader for the last decade and helped save countless lives with their flame resistant clothing. The best parts of the Massif ARC Pant is the comfort, functionality, and ergonomic design…and oh yeah, they are flame resistant as well. The Massif ARC pants are compliant with or exceed:

Bottom Line – Who Needs this Pant

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Massif designed the pant to give individuals working in private security, federal agents, or SOF a pant that looks casual, but is highly functional and flame resistant for the worst-case scenarios. I would recommend this pant to anyone who does a lot of international travel, spends time in various aircraft, or works in any occupation where flash fire is a possibility. These pants could really standout in the world of EMS, especially flight medics or nurses. In the unfortunate circumstance of an explosion or flash flame, these pants could save you from extreme pain, medical bills, or even death. Wearing a pair of synthetic pants in the aforementioned environments is asking for a shrink-wrapping.

The Massif ARC Pant will be on shelves June 1st.

Sizing: Numeric waist sizes from 30″ – 48″ with short, medium, or long length.

Colors: Black, Tan, Navy, and Charcoal (shown)


  • $190.99
  • GSA – $135.75