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You probably know MasterPiece Arms for its fine selection of MPA BA and MPAR rifles, chassis’, pistols, carbines and suppressors — but the Georgia-based company is no slouch when it comes to accessories, too. Case in point: the new Enhanced Vertical Grip (EVG) for the MPA BA chassis.

According to the press release, the EVG sports a design that includes a true vertical interface with the rifle, as well as an enlarged palm swell, support rest for your trigger finger and an enhanced thumb notch. The grip also features MPA’s grip tape for improved contact. The interface with the rifle is a standard A2 Type, meaning the grip, with potential minor modifications, will fit onto other rifles, carbines and chassis’ that use an A2 grip. Because the EVG is injection molded, its strength and integrity will remain intact when modified by polishing, grinding, sanding and other mods.

“At MPA we care about the needs of precision shooters. In fact, the idea for this grip came directly from a suggestion that David Preston, last year’s PRS Champion, gave me at a match. David’s idea was that having a grip that extended to support your trigger finger would help the shooter have better trigger control and a smoother trigger pull when he finds himself in an improvised or unnatural shooting position. I took his suggestion to heart, mocked up the design, created a working prototype and then tested it out and it worked!” said Phil Cashin, president of MPA.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life