Let’s go smaller seems to be the current theme of the gun industry. Why? I ’m not sure, the industry ebbs and flows and currently smaller is better. Especially when it comes to long guns, or guns larger than traditional handguns. A big part of this current trend is folding stocks and folding stabilizing braces. I’ve gotten hot in heavy into these smaller, more compact weapons, especially when it comes to guns with attached stabilizing braces. This is what has drawn me to the Matador SideWinder.

The Matador SideWinder | Side Fold Affordably

The AR-15 as a platform has changed the market considerably, and its so sizeable other gun companies are using AR parts on mass for their firearms. One of the most commonly used parts is the receiver extension, aka buffer tube. This allows you to use the most extensive arrangements of stocks and pistol braces. Most of these guns don’t have the same design as the AR and do not incorporate a buffer and buffer spring. These are the types of firearms the Matador SideWinder is after. The SideWinder does not allow the use of a buffer or buffer spring.

The Matador SideWinder | Side Fold Affordably

What falls into this category? Tons of guns, any gun with an AR stock or brace adapter. This includes the MPX, the CZ Scorpion, the Kidon pistol to carbine conversion, the Mossberg Shockwave with Ergo adapter, AK rifles and pistols, the Extar carbine, and I can just keep going. The ENDO Glock stock adapter, the MPA MAC series, and don’t forget precision rifle chassis that incorporate an AR style stock. The SideWinder is for these guns. The only AR I can imagine is something like those little 22 LR 80 lower receiver builds that don’t need a standard buffer.

What Sets the Matador SideWinder Apart?

The first thing is going to be the price. The LAW adapter has long been the king of folding AR stock adapters, but it’s expensive. Without a doubt, the LAW adapter is an excellent piece of gear and does function with AR buffers and buffer springs. That adds some significant cost for sure. The LAW is well worth it if you want to side fold an AR.

The Matador SideWinder | Side Fold Affordably

If you want to save about a hundred bucks for the same robustness, then go with the Matador SideWinder. It’s both affordable and robust.

The Matador SideWinder | Side Fold Affordably

Speaking of robustness, I punished this thing. I thought about tossing it on my Kidon system, but is 9mm recoil really punishing? No, you want punishing? 12 gauge recoil. You know what’s worse? 12 gauge recoil from a firearm with a 10-inch barrel and a stabilizing brace.

Hitting the Range

12 gauge time started with birdshot. A couple dozen rounds downrange had me sore, but the Matador SideWinder was untouched. Let’s move to buckshot, shall we? I am starting to think I am a real Masochist here. Again I got beat up a bit and walked away sore but the Matador Sidewinder remained untouched.

The Matador SideWinder | Side Fold Affordably

The Matador, paired with the Shockwave Blade 2.0 is best represented with an SMG like platform. My personal preference was for the Kidon system by IMI defense. The Kidon is a pistol carbine style conversion, so as you can see my CZ P09 is the lower parts kit if you will. In this case, I can make a very compact platform that’s thin and lightweight. The two are a perfect pair.

The Matador SideWinder | Side Fold Affordably

It fits onto the Kidon system with a bit of room to spare and took hardly any time to reconfigure for the new system. I can deploy the side folder rapidly and into action in less than a second. This allows me to go from concealed in a bag to combat ready very quickly.

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The Matador is a very well designed system, easy to use, robust, and perfect for a wide variety of weapons.

Installation and Tech Specs

The Matador SideWinder allows you to install the system for a left or right folding configuration. I tried both, and apparently, the Mossberg’s ejection port makes a right folding option tricky. If I fold the brace to the left I can use the gun with the brace folded should I ever need to.

The internal design makes this possible, and you can ensure the Matador SideWinder is tight across all platforms. Two Allen head screws can be adjusted to allow you to tightly and adequately place the SideWinder in any direction. This is a powerful system, and I didn’t even have to Loc Tite it down.

The Matador SideWinder

The SideWinder adds 1.25 inches to the platform when in the closed configuration and .75 when folded. It’s also 1.8 inches wide and weighs 3.3 ounces. The unlock device to fold it is a sizeable ambidextrous button that’s quick and easy to access. The close the SideWinder you merely press up or down on a small locking bolt.

Overall the Matador SideWinder is a robust side folding adapter that’s affordable versatile, and easy to use. You can find the Matador SideWinder here, and if you have any questions ask below.