I have been following Mayflower Research and Consulting for quite some time, and was very excited when they and Velocity Systems agreed to send us at Spotter Up a couple of cool products to review for our audience.

Mayflower RC was started by Travis Rolph.  Someone you probably should get to know over a beer, and one of those guys you want watching your 6 when you’re out there doing the righteous thing that so many of us doorkickers have done.  Travis’ designs embody something I try to look for in training, and would describe as “outside the box” thinking.  It is also based on many years of operational experience and firsthand feedback.  As someone who “is not only a spokesperson, but also a client” and end user, Travis teamed up with the founders of Velocity Systems to produce his products, and meet the growing demand.

It turned out to be a great partnership, as both companies embrace focused quality production, dedicated customer base and US made products.  Mayflower describes their products as “light weight, high performance tactical nylon for the military athlete.”  One look at the Summit 30L pack, and you realize this isn’t just a sexy gimmick.

My initial impression of the Summit pack is that it’s a light-fighter version of something much larger.  It reminded me of larger designed rucks which are very much loved and used by grunts and bearded professionals everywhere, but which so many of us often wished would come in a smaller, sleeker version.  Pound for pound the Summit works like an ant.  It is light, instinctive to use with no unnecessary MOLLE, snaps, lose webbing, or a myriad of accessory pockets which are not necessary in the field.

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Image courtesy of Spotter Up