The Mayflower Pusher Chest Rig (UW Gen VI) is one of my top choices for green ops and reconnaissance patrols. It is a very light rig, and it’s wide should straps will help you to carry heavy loads. Used with a PACA underneath, the Pusher Chest Rig can be used in almost any situation and is built to withstand all of them.

The magazines are kept in place solidly with the kangaroo-type inserts.

The Mayflower Pusher Chest Rig has been designed to fit three different magazines types: the standard NATO 5.56 mm, 7.62 NATO and the 7.62X39. The magazines inserts are easily removable so you can quickly switch between them. The Kangaroo-type open top mag pouches keep your magazines in place, even when you are crawling in thick bushes.

The radio pouch fits the PRC-148 well and has three loops to carry IR or normal glowsticks.

The 3” shoulder straps make the Pusher Chest Rig very comfortable and provide good weight management on your shoulders, especially during extended patrols in the heat of Afghanistan. The radio pouch will fit the PRC-152 and PRC-148, and has three elastic bands to hold IR glow sticks or other similar items.

The Pusher Chest Rig sits really well and the 3″ shoulder straps are well-built.

There is one med kit pouch along with four general purpose (GP) pouches to hold smaller items. You can also fit one pistol magazine. Another great feature of the Mayflower Pusher Chest Rig is that all the pouches have elastic molle-type loops on each side, giving you the space to fit in tourniquets and similar items. The body also features an internal map pocket that will keep maps dry and easily reachable.

The Mayflower Pusher Chest Rig (UW Gen VI) is available on the Mayflower website.

As usual, Mayflower makes sure all their gear is made in the USA out of 100% US materials. It is currently available in Multicam, and soon to be offered in Coyote Brown.