I wrote a series a few months back about building a custom precision rifle. In the series I highlighted a few good stock options that I consider to be some of the very best on the market. Among those mentioned was the Mcrees Chassis by Mcrees Precision. I was so impressed with the Mcrees Chassis that I had Short Action Customs build me a custom rifle outfitted with Mcrees G5 TMAG Folding Stock. Needless to say I am more than satisfied with my rifle and it’s performance. It is nothing less than a tack driver.

Mcrees Precision – http://shop.mcreesprecision.net

For years the only rifle stocks I ever ran on my rifles were Mcmillan stocks. I have never been let down in any way by any of my Mcmillan stocks. I am a firm believer in the saying “if it isn’t broken than don’t fix it”. So for me to completely leave my comfort zone and run a Chassis system I really had to see something special. That is exactly what took place 2 years ago when I first had the opportunity to get behind one of these fine systems from Mcrees.

The first thing I immediately noticed about the Mcrees Chassis is that it is made out of Aluminum. I liked that because of the durability of metal versus fiberglass. I tend to be pretty rough on my rifles when I work and train with them. My rifles aren’t safe queens and I train hard with them and sometimes they get a little banged up in the process. So the fact that the stock was metal was a huge plus for me.

The next item that appealed to me was the built in box magazine system. The system accepts your standard AI/Nato magazines in either 5 or 10 round options. The system works flawlessly and allows me the ability to reload my rifle under stress, quickly and efficiently.

The G5 is also outfitted with a folding stock. This is an option that I have grown fond of. It allows me to transport my rifle on my pack in a nice compact package. This is a very nice option when you’re moving through brushy terrain and obstacles. It also aids the shooter in rifle maintenance. Normally I have to lower the cheek rest to remove the bolt completely from the action. With the G5 all I have to do is fold the stock out of the way. The cheek rest is easy to adjust but I’m just not a fan of moving my cheek rest once I get it where I want it. I like to keep it there for the purpose of consistency. The folding option is built very durable and has absolutely zero play when locked into position.

The Chassis is also outfitted with a number of built in flush cups that allow the shooter to mount a sling in a number of different configurations. It also comes with a number of bolt on picatinny rail sections to mount after market optics, lights, lasers, and bipods.

The Mcrees Chassis is designed as a system that allows the shooter to drop a barreled action into the chassis and go to work. It requires no bedding of the action or altering to the chassis. It is completely ready to go out of the box and will allow your rifle to reach its full accuracy potential. The Chassis is built specifically for the type of action the shooter is running. Mcrees Precision offers a number of different models to work with your specific action type. You will be hard pressed to find an action type they don’t support but if this is the case they can and will build a Chassis specifically for your action.

The G5 retails for 675.00 and comes with a bunch of extras. This is a very affordable stock option considering all of the built in accessories. There is zero Gunsmith time involved which also cuts down greatly on overall cost and time away from the range.
I feel this chassis is the complete package for the warfighter or competition shooter.

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