As an active duty law enforcement officer, I am always in search of the perfect pair of gloves. I need the flexibility to manipulate my firearms, strong enough to protect my hands while searching cars, and the durability to withstand all environments. I stumbled across Mechanix gloves while looking for duty gear on LA police gears website. I couldn’t pass up the deal and ordered a pair.

The first area that these gloves excel in was flexibility. The pistol is my primary firearm while at work, and it’s important to be able to clear it from the holster without delay. Even with the gloves on, I was able to drawl my duty pistol with no problem. The gloves still offered the flexibility to manipulate the rifle and shotgun. The flexibility was far above what was expected.

Mechanix Wear M-Pact gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact gloves

The second aspect I looked at is if the gloves will protect my hands. The gloves have rubber on the knuckles and fingers to help protect during duty use. This feature helps keep my hands protected while searching a vehicle and getting down and dirty. The rubber is very durable, but doesn’t hinder the dexterity of the fingers. Keeping my hands from getting cut and beat up is important and these gloves provide the protection that is needed.

Any glove used during the work day needs to be durable. If the gloves fall apart after a short period of time there is no need to buy them. These gloves have been worn over the course of several months, and still look like the day I bought them. The palm has an armortex reinforced panel for extra durability. The fingertips have a dual layer to provide more durability. These gloves have held up to everything I have put them through.

Mechanix wear gloves have a great reputation and I was very satisfied with their M-Pact line. They were flexible, durable, and strong. They have several other features that make these gloves a must have. They have form-fitting trexdry material, that helps keep the hands cool and comfortable and its machine washable. These gloves won’t disappoint and are a great duty glove for law enforcement officer.

Written by Brett Hannum