I’m a fan of  Medal of Honor Executive Producer Greg Goodrich’s ethics around the Military and his commitment to ensuring that the community is well represented. He cares and it’s appreciated by guys in the Spec Ops community.

Ethics on Point

Here’s a great interview Greg gave recently in response to an attack on Medal of Honor Warfighter’s ethics and the Military, by Tom McShea. I still don’t understand the point Tom is/was trying to make about a game not being “fun”??? His narrative is confusing and I personally would have choked him out if I was Greg – kudos for the restraint on his part.


100% Weapon & Gear Authenticity Still Lost

I’m disappointed that most these games (Medal of Honor included and Call of Duty the worst offender by far) tout weapon authenticity but end up sacrificing this same authenticity for sponsorship dollars.  You end up with authentic gear and weapons but NOT the actual up-to-date equipment that the guys are currently using.

These games make a TON of money off sales and I find it perplexing that the authentic gear that operators actually use gets benched because other manufactures pay for product placement to bump ’em out.  An example is the fact that Medal of Honor uses Surefire tactical lights exclusively when the Princeton Tec Charge light was invented by and for SEAL TEAM 6 (DEVGRU).

My point is, you will not see Princeton Tec in the game because they didn’t have enough money to pony up…

Keep up the good work Greg, hopefully we’ll see some more authentic gear companies in the future even if they can’t pay up.