If brands like Strider, Hinderer, and Chris Reeve Knives aren’t stiff enough competition already, Medford Knife and Tool just added Marvel and DC Comics to the mix. The Phoenix, Arizona-based knife company is releasing a comic book series called The Adventures of Jack Knyff under a new brand called Full Tang Comics. According to Medford, Jack Knyff is part of a bigger plan to attract new blood into the knife world.

“It’s a fun read on the superficial level. But I want people to pass it around and get kids into knives too,” Greg Medford tells us. He points out that kids today aren’t being introduced to pocket knives and not enough of them are becoming knife users when they grow up. “The industry is in huge trouble if kids don’t start carrying pocket knives again,” he says.

Part of Medford’s solution is Jack Knyff, who Medford describes as a hero for the next generation of knife users. “He has no superpowers. He just doesn’t sit on his hands all the time,” Medford says. Instead of x-ray vision or psychokinesis, in each issue, Knyff uses his trusty Medford Praetorian to save the day.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News