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Revision Military’s new Caiman Head System is hailed by the company as a full-spectrum special operations helmet solution.

When it comes to top-notch equipment for field use, Vermont-based Revision Military delivers the goods. Case in point: the company’s new Batlskin Caiman Head System, which encompasses the Carbon Bump Helmet System and the Ballistic Head Protection System. Both come with a series of accessories and components for mission-specific modularity.

“This new head system, built from the ground up and tailored to the feedback and specialized needs of SOF users, epitomizes Revision’s forward-thinking, holistic mindset,” Revision Military CEO Jonathan Blanshay said in a statement. “Revision upended traditional helmet development for the Family of Tactical Headborne Systems (FTHS) project. The project management team put in untold legwork, going to great lengths to engage key SOF contacts and stakeholders directly, and absorbing unfiltered, informed feedback. This collaborative, iterative process allowed the team to eliminate guesswork and address SOF user demands in real time. Caiman is not a head system created in a vacuum; the contributions from SOF operators are undeniable.”

Billed as a full-spectrum special operations helmet solution, the Batlskin Caiman Head System is built for coastal, riverine, maritime, high-altitude, freefall and ground maneuvers, and is capable of withstanding all types of environmental conditions—tropic or arctic, day or night, desert or open ocean and beyond. It comes with a set of accessories to enhance it for boat, vehicle, HALO/HAHO, mountain, river and direct action missions. Not only that, but Revision says the Caiman system is the first carbon bump helmet that can be ballistically-enhanced with add-on armor appliqués for ballistic, blunt-force, blast-force and fragmentation protection during operations. All system components have also been skeletonized to reduce overall weight.

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