The new RevX rifle was designed from the ground up with affordability and performance in mind, including entirely new custom action and stock designs. Each rifle is hand built and live fire tested to confirm precision and gather individual ballistic data. We’ve worked tirelessly to streamline and improve product design, supply chain, and component manufacturing to produce a more affordable rifle with quality and performance worthy of carrying the legendary Gunwerks name.

Meet The All New Gunwerks RevX

Every RevX long range rifle comes ready to rock 1,000 Yards Out of the Box™. Choose and mount your optic with the included scope rings, then create a free custom turret label with the certificate and ballistic data card included with every RevX. What you end up with is a complete long range shooting system capable to 1,000 yards and beyond.

If you’ve waited for your chance to own a Gunwerks rifle, the unparalleled value and performance of the Gunwerks RevX is your answer.