We covered the importance and advantages of carrying a fixed blade in a previous article as well as a story about the origins of this concealable fixed blade knife. I was first introduced to it by former Navy SEAL Kyle Defoor. I have followed Kyle on social media for quite some time and had the opportunity to train with him not too long ago. During that training, he covers a block of training on combatives with a fixed blade. His blade preference is the RAT. As a matter of fact, it is his daily EDC knife that he carries. If you take one of his courses you’ll get a nice discount on the RAT training package, but if you are unable to for whatever reason, Headhunter Blades holds a killer sale every Memorial Day. Check it out!

Memorial Day Sale! HeadHunter Blades Fixed Blade Training Packages


It’s the sale you’ve been waiting for all year!!! HeadHunter Blades Annual Memorial Day Sale.

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SAVE $150 OFF the following:

  • The Rat
  • The Dirty
  • The Kryptos
  • The Drengar


* Featured photo courtesy of Harley Elmore