I had a chance to sit down, and have lunch with a good friend of mine Aaron Tankersley in San Diego last month to catch up. Aaron is the CEO of Micro Power (see below), and their company is doing some great things when it comes to adding capabilities to wireless surveillance cameras.

I know a lot of LOR readers are in the security sector so I thought I’d give you guys a look at what Aaron’s company is up to since he explained that they were getting some traction on and off base. The other reason is that I know Aaron wouldn’t get behind something unless he was 100% confident in their offer. This is worth a lot in today’s age of sell and forget, customer service and relationships are everything to those that know it, and with Aaron at the helm you’re in good hands.

Let us know what you think below, I edited down their marketing material so it’s more digestible for you. -Brandon


About Micro Power

MicroPower Technologies’ comprehensive surveillance system is based on a highly reliable proprietary wireless protocol and delivers ultra-low power consumption. The camera consumes half a watt of power, while comparable wireless surveillance devices consume six to 10 watts. With MicroPower Technologies, government and military facilities can maximize captured video, and expand and extend the reach of their surveillance infrastructure, without expensive labor costs and extensive capital equipment outlays.

MicroPower’s Helios system leverages the network infrastructure to ensure continuous operation — critical for surveillance users — and revolutionizes the cost of video camera deployment using patented technology to deliver significant improvements in performance and power without compromising video quality or reliability. With no wires or trenches required, Helios delivers significant cost and labor savings, and can be deployed in a matter of hours. It reduces installation times by up to 90 percent over traditional video systems.

For more information, visit http://www.micropower.com.