I’m not a complicated man when it comes to tools that I want. I want a tool that is built by Americans, that is robust, and that I don’t ever have to worry about breaking or falling short of my expectations. If it does fall short, I want it repaired or replaced. The Microtech Crosshair is that tool for me when it comes to fixed-blade knives, because simple and well-built is a hard combo to beat. The folks at Microtech pride themselves on using quality, 100-percent American-made parts—all the way down to the rivets in the handles.

Microtech Crosshair Specs

Style of knife: Full-tang fixed blade/utility or survivalist

Blade length: 4.5″

Type of edge: Double-bladed. Available in non-serrated, partially serrated, and full-serrated on the back edge

Blade material: Bohler ELMAX steel

Handle material: Composite

Weight: 11.6 ounces

Colors available: Black, Olive Drab, Desert Tan

MSRP: $279

Microtech Crosshair Unique features: The 21 different combinations of color and serration type give the end user the opportunity to select a knife that fits their exact needs. American-made with a lifetime warranty, the Microtech Crosshair comes with Kydex sheath and braided lanyard.

Application: Survival or any outdoor activity where a full-tang steel-blade knife is essential.

Cons: Frankly, there are so many options to chose from, it can be overwhelming to select a knife.

Overall performance: Awesome is a word to use for the Microtech Crosshair. It’s 100 percent American made, comes with a lifetime warranty, features a thick, heavy-duty steel blade with a water-resistant Kydex sheath, all for an affordable price. That’s hard to beat. I like a non-serrated knife that is well built and heavy, and the Microtech Crosshair fills that need perfectly.

Microtech Crosshair Combat Knife
Image courtesy of thehollowgrind.com

(Featured Image Courtesy of microtech.com)