This Microtech knife is named after the most intelligent dinosaur to ever roam the earth, the Troodon, also known as “wounding tooth”.

Our goal is to attain and maintain extremely high quality knives throughout the evolution of growth and change. Founder, Anthony Marfione’s objective is to ensure that every day, each customer will receive the highest quality knife that money can buy.” – MICROTECH KNIVES (COMBAT TROODON MAKER)

Knives are like cars in that there are many levels of classes and types of uses. Microtech is the Ferrari of knives with the combat directive of General Dynamics.

The Microtech Troodon is an out-the-front (OTF) automatic knife – the best available with a 3′ blade.

As with any knife of this kind, the Troodon’s blade is completely hidden inside the handle and “activated” with a press of a button, exposing the blade for use.

Shifts heavenly smooth, moves like a bat out of hell.

Microtech is the most respected and experienced automatic knife maker in the world that produce the best of each type and class of OTF blades available. The Troodon is in the everyday carry / tactical category.

The older but smaller brother of the ‘Combat Troodon’ model. Both knives of bladed precision perfection

The Microtech Troodon is the apex edged tool.

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