For those of you who were not aware, Bravo Company USA (BCM) produces their own series of short films called American Gunfighter. Each film places the spotlight on a firearms and tactics instructor with a plethora of military special operations forces (SOF) or law enforcement experience. The newest member of the BCM Gunfighter program is Mike Glover, a former Green Beret and now CEO of Fieldcraft Survival. He has served in various positions during his 20 years in the US Army such as Weapons Sergeant, Sniper, Assaulter, JTAC, Freefall Jump Master, Sniper Team Sergeant, and Operations Sergeant Major in US Army Special Operations. Mike’s passion is in survival training which led to him start Fieldcraft Survival to offer a new perspective in the survival industry. Watch the American Gunfighter episode below to hear Mike talk about his experience in SOF as well as his vision with Fieldcraft Survival.

Featured image courtesy of BravoCompanyUSA YouTube Channel