I was out in Texas picking up my dog from Military Working and Private Protection Dog trainer Mike Ritland and noticed he had a new personal concealed carry piece. I’ve never shot this little bad boy but Mike’s endorsement is good enough for me (Mike and I served together at SEAL TEAM THREE GOLF Platoon). What I really liked about this gun is that it is truly a slim package but didn’t have that toy-like feel that I experience with other pieces.

Mike Ritland’s Concealed Carry: The Diamondback 380

Specs From the Diamondback Website

Diamondback Firearms is proud to present the DB380. A micro-compact .380 automatic pistol made entirely in the USA. Designed with safety in mind, the DB380 features a “ZERO-Energy” striker firing system (patent pending) with a mechanical firing pin block, a steel magazine catch to secure a sheet metal magazine and real windage-adjustable sights, all in a lightweight pistol.

A steel trigger with dual connecting bars allows for a crisp smooth, five-pound DAO trigger pull. The DB380 features a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) designed slide and barrel that is stronger than any comparable firearm, resulting in durability with less felt recoil, and the absence of removable pins or tools makes field stripping easier than ever. The slide, barrel, and internal parts are coated to resist corrosion, making this pistol a lifetime investment.

  • Capacity: 6+1 Rounds
  • Weight: 8.8 Ounces
  • Width: .750″
  • Barrel Length: 2.80″
  • Firing Mechanism: Striker Fire
  • Trigger Pull: DAO 5 lb

Please share your concealed weapon of choice with us and take a look at the DB 380….