This minimal cooking set idea came from Kyle Defoor. I’ve been following Kyle’s blog for a few years now (One of the only blogs I follow). Kyle is a very innovative individual with a lot of field experience both in the military and civilian sector. Because of his background, skill sets, and overall stand-up guy that he is, is why I trust what he says. This cooking set is just one of those small nuggets of useful information he shares every once in a while.

To make this minimalist kit a bit more minimal, Kyle bent the prongs on the MSR Pocket Rocket in order for it to nest inside the cup along with the other contents.

Minimalist Cooking Kit
Bent prongs of the MSR Pocket Rocket

With a single fuel canister Kyle claims he can get by for 4 days! That includes making a cup of coffee, 1 two person Mountain House Meal, and 1 breakfast meal per day. I have personally owned and used the MSR pocket rocket for a few years now and love it. I plan on purchasing the GSI Minimalist Cookset to put a similar kit together.

Minimalist Cooking Kit
GSI Minimalist Cookset with MSR Pocket Rocket

This small minimalist cooking kit would be ideal for day hikes or even solo multi day backpacking trips. This could also be a viable option for those traveling that may not want to leave their hotel rooms or unable to for whatever reason. If you stock up on a few fuel canisters and Mountain House meals, this could become an option for natural disaster preparation.

Minimalist Cooking Kit
GSI Minimalist Cup

Here are the contents of the kit Kyle uses:

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