I enjoy the preparedness lifestyle, but it can quickly turn into a hoarding lifestyle. I’ve had a go-bag for quite some time that just sat unused either in my office or in the back of my vehicle. Yes, I was prepared, but I never found myself using the stuff. In my mind, it was almost kind of a waste of gear, which got me to thinking. Why not use your go-bag as an already stocked bag for impromptu day hikes or bike rides, whether short or long. Having this idea in mind now eliminates the excuse of not being ready for outdoor adventures, especially if you have kids. Other writers have covered this concept in the past on the Loadout Room.

Broken down, my kit is really simple, using my Deuter Speed Lite 20. I’ve been using this pack for quite some time and have not really found anything else better, for this size (and I’ve tried many packs). I customized the contents for my skill level and the area I live and operate in.



*Photo courtesy of the author