Mission First Tactical (MFT) has the most photographed rifle stock to appear in gun rags this last year. And it’s easy to see why. The Battlelink Minimalist Stock is easy on the eyes. After spending some quality time at the local pewpewpew spot, I found that it’s not just the eyes it’s easy on.

5.8 ounces. That’s how little the Minimalist weights, without tube or buffer assembly. For comparison, the Magpul MOE and BCM Gunfighter stocks come in at 8oz and 8.2oz respectively. This is why most of the articles the Battlelink Minimalist Stock appears in are “Lightweight Build” types. Don’t take this to mean that skinny is all MFT was after here. This is more than just a svelte package.

Mission First Tactical Battlelink minimalist stock

Constructed from a reinforced polyamide, this stock doesn’t suffer wimp syndrome, despite fighting in the featherweight category. A QD sling socket on the forward/bottom portion of the stock offers the best position for ambidextrous use. Additionally offering good balance as it’s so close to the receiver. The cheek weld is among the best I’ve used in adjustable position stocks. Not only comfortable, this was the first time in years I didn’t lose beard hairs while going through shooting drills.

Cheek weld on the minimalist is far above par

The angled buttstock with rubber buttpad provide good traction on the shoulder. Not only that, the shape of the lower end makes keeping the rifle at the low ready much more comfortable than with a 90 degree stock. The adjustment release lever is pretty much flush with the underside of the tube. Keeping it out of the way until it’s needed. The Battlelink Minimalist Stock adjusts easily and locks-up tight with zero wobble or play.

The only concern I’ve heard people (who had no hands-on time) voice about this stock was their worry that the L shape of the stock, lacking a diagonal supporting bar wouldn’t be strong enough. Well I’ve used and abused it, and this thing is easily durable enough for the vast majority of civilian shooters. If you’re a SOCOM type and feel like breaching doors with your rifle instead of using demo charges or a sledge, then maybe add the extra few ounces for MFT’s Battlelink Utility Stock. Even if the bottom angle on the stock did break off while smashing in a solid oak door, you’d still have the top portion to shoulder.  Ranger on.

Incredibly light, comfortable and possessing excellent utility, you might expect the price to be the real bummer here. It isn’t. MSRP is $59.99, with street prices ranging from $10-$20 less than that. This stock is the real deal, check it out.