Being able to fuel your body while on the move is vital. Whether you are in the military on a mission or a civilian through hiker you need to be able to carry food for your body. You don’t always have time to sit down and setup a camping stove, boil water, and cook your food. Mountain House meals are a great option for that, but we’re talking about remaining mobile while you eat so that your body does not crash.

Over the past several years I’ve tried I don’t know how many meal replacement bars, protein bars, recovery type snacks and the list goes on. I either didn’t like the texture, the taste or my body flat out rejected them. The one product I found myself going back to and now use on a regular basis is CLIF Bar. This is by no means a meal replacement, but is sure as hell is better than nothing. Eating one CLIF Bar is still going to give your body needed nutrients during or after strenuous activities.

Mission Fuel | The CLIF Bar
CLIF bar nutrition facts

In a shooting course I took this summer with Kyle Defoor, CLIF Bars for lunch were common among most of the shooters attending the course. Both days of the course were 90+ degrees and sun. Needless to say by lunch time most of us were spent. Lunch both days was considered a working lunch. We still took a break under the shooting pavilion, but Kyle would lecture during that time, so you didn’t really have time to break out your picnic basket and have a full meal. We were there to train and put rounds downrange, not sit around and eat. The CLIF Bar and a bottle of water was plenty to keep us going through the afternoon.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack to eat on the move, be sure to check out the CLIF Bars. They come in many different flavors and taste really good.