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Monday Night Knife Fights: The Attleboro Knife
Alexander Crown

A few years ago a good friend of mine, Ken Hunt, started a small knife outfit with his much-cooler-than-him wife, Kat. Ken is a retired Special Forces officer who fortunately spent time enlisted first, and I remind him often that is the sole reason we can be friends. His company is named Attleboro Knives.

MNKF: The Attleboro Knife

Attleboro Knives gets its name from a large operation in Vietnam during the fall of 1966. Ken’s father, MSG William Hunt, was a Special Forces radio operator who had already been in Vietnam four years before his involvement in Operation Attleboro. When Attleboro kicked off MSG Hunt happened to be in the area and was diverted for a MEDEVAC. Upon arrival, MSG Hunt and his MIKE Force hopped off the helicopter to face shoot Charlie and cover evacuation of the wounded. MSG Hunt and his company commander were both shot and lost consciousness. After being stripped by the enemy, they came to and began a long, slow movement to an LZ with the help of some Chinese Mercenaries.

MNKF: The Attleboro Knife

MSG Hunt did not make the journey, and searches of the area were fruitless. In 1985 a list of POW names was found through the Freedom of Information Act, and MSG William Hunt’s name was on it. He’s still listed as MIA today. Ken Hunt has chronicled his trips to Vietnam in search of answers about his father here  A more in-depth writeup of Operation Attleboro can be found here.

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