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When I first heard that Gerber was coming out with a brand new machete, or more specifically adding a Golok to their machete line, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. That day has finally arrived, and I have in my greasy little mitts a true monster of a wood basher. Based on a tradition Golok design, it’s heavy in the hand (deceptively heavy, I might add). Not at all uncomfortable, just a little surprising at first contact so I know they got that part right.

MNKF First Look: The Gerber Golok Machete

MNKF First Look: The Gerber Golok Machete

This beast is a full quarter inch at the ricasso and tapers to an eighth inch at tip before it terminates at the primary bevel. Gerber claims that this is the thickest blade in their machete line, and I have no reason to doubt that claim whatsoever.

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