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Monday Night Knife Fights: G10 Face Stabber, The Senka
Craig Metzger

A few months ago I talked about shivs  and today I’m going to look at plastic knives, specifically the G10 sculpted sticker by Sentinel Concealment Gear. Most of us see plastic knives as a sneaky way to elude metal detectors or wand-waving security ninjas in non-permissive environments. These plastic cutters are last ditch protection when you’re toe-to-toe with some not-so-nice folks. You can’t whittle with these or fashion a bushcraft style shelter, but you can give a bad dude a nice little reminder he fucked with the wrong person.

MNKF: G10 Face Stabber, The Senka

The origin of these plastic stickers is all over the place, and depending on who you talk to, you get a different story. They range from working with explosives to covert weapons for individuals straight out of an espionage movie. There’s no shortage of designs or materials and with a quick search you can find all sorts of options and prices range from $8USD to $65USD. With that in mind let’s look at this sculpted piece of bad assery, The Senka.

MNKF: G10 Face Stabber, The Senka

Senka is a Croatian word meaning shadow. This is a fitting name for this point-driven instrument. The blade is made entirely of G10 and sharpened to a point with a chisel grind for added strength. You can’t cut anything with the blade portion because its main purpose centers around point-driven methodologies. Of course you can open letters with it, and maybe those Amazon Prime boxes. But make no mistake, this last ditch tool is meant for soft targets on criminal types who need a little extra coaxing to back off.

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