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Monday Night Knife Fights: Head Hunter Blades RAT
Alexander Crown

MNKF: Head Hunter Blades RAT

I didn’t realize I was a knife guy until people pointed out I have a whole mess load of blades. Turns out I like knives quite a bit, and while I may have dozens I only really use/carry a few. One of my regular carry blades is from Tuhon Harley Elmore of Head Hunter Blades. I wrote about one of Harley’s creations before here [ADD LINK]. This knife is known as “the Rat”.

MNKF: Head Hunter Blades RAT

Harley got in the knifemaking business by accident when he started making blades for his friends. His knives proved popular enough that demand kept rising. The Rat is by far his most favored model. I asked Harley about the Rat and he had this to say about its success,

I think it’s become so popular because it fits the needs of Lo Vis Operators, who it’s designed for, but also police officers and civilians. They’re all looking for the same qualities in a concealment blade.”

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