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Monday Night Knife Fights- Hoback Knives

Hoback Knives has been offering a few unique blades.These are no doubt all sold out by now, but we’re sure more will be coming, which is a great reason to subscribe to their newsletter. Jake Hoback says, “Every Jake Hoback Knife is crafted of the finest, most durable materials. Rugged, reliable, and precision-engineered. Made for hard work, my knives are built to be tools, not just trophies!”

For your wishlist and viewing pleasure, here’s what Hoback knives has to say about the Camo Anodized Kwaibacks.

1. Camo Anodized Kwaibacks

MNKF- Hoback Knives

These are available in Blue/Grey Camo, Brown/Green Camo, Blue/Brown Camo and Brown/Green Tiger Stripe Camo.

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