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I finally own a Ka-Bar.

When I was in the Corps we were issued Camillus copies of Ka-Bars, not the genuine article. Later, when I deployed twice as a soldier, I thought adding a Ka-Bar to my gear would have been melodramatic. There wasn’t much chance of hand-to-hand combat when I was escorting convoys in Iraq, or collecting human intel in Afghanistan.

But I now have a Ka-Bar I can carry every day as a civilian. No, I’m not strapping it to my thigh and wandering around the office with it. I’m clipping it to my pocket, like a normal person.

MNKF: The Ka-Bar “Jarosz” Folder

Ka-Bar recently released a new folder, the “Jarosz”, designed by custom knifemaker Jesse Jarosz. The Jarosz is a basic utility knife that was built to be capable, durable and affordable; Jesse’s other knives sell for as much as $400, but Ka-Bar is offering this folder for less than $60. That’s a damn good price for such a sturdy piece of kit.


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