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Monday Night Knife Fights: Kershaw Leek 1660
Dave Merrill

Most of the swag at SHOT Show consists of stickers, t-shirts, patches, and hats. Sooo many hats. There are exceptions, of course; one standout for the 2017 SHOT was a customized Kershaw Leek 1660 from Q LLC.

The 1660 features an incredibly smooth assisted open, which just snicks right out and locks cleanly in a very satisfying manner.  There’s both a thumb stud and flipper for opening, and with this particular folder I prefer the flipper. The Leek sports a liner lock, which I don’t mind but some people do. If you’re in the latter category, this isn’t the one for you.

MNKF: Kershaw Leek 1660

I’ve never been a fan of those giant you-call-that-a-knife shitkicker blades. Hell, every Ka-Bar and bayonet I was ever issued mostly stayed buried in the bottom of my pack, under important stuff like ammo, chow, pornography, and various tobacco products. The Leek is lightweight at 3oz, slim, sleek, but not so small as to be useless.

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