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The Zero Tolerance ZT 0095BW (Black Wash) has been available in the US for about a year now. Unlike many of ZT’s folders, this one was designed and built “in house,” but the lack of a celebrity name has done nothing to subtract from the quality.  It’s a production version of a previous limited edition 0095BW; some people refer to it as the ZT Harpoon Flipper. We prefer ZT Grey Man, and yes we’re using grey with an e. It’s a very nice daily carry folder, and we’re gonna tell you about it.

You’re welcome.

Monday Night Knife Fights: Spotlight on the ZT 0095BW Grey Man

The ZT Grey Man is made in the USA. It’s a little slimmer than many of their other designs (particularly the brawnier models like the ZT0456), and is about the length of a standard pencil (8.4 in.) tip to butt once the blade is deployed.

MNKF: Spotlight on the ZT 0095BW Grey Man

The flat grind drop point (they describe it as “harpoon style”) combines with a sleeker but broader-bellied blade than we expected when looking at the website. This makes it a great “slicer” (for food prep while camping or backpacking, for instance), though obviously it would work just as well for a wide array of your typical EDC activities: opening packages, pruning in the garden, working in the shop, or, if you’re really lucky, emasculating guys like Mohammed Karrar and William Charles Thomas.

No, we don’t mean metaphorically.

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