Monday Night Knife Fights: TOPS F.O.R.K. IT
Craig Metzger

You know what real survival is? Dealing with toddlers on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and my family but some days I feel like I’m in a survival course that involves some high level psyop experiment. Tonight, we are going look at the TOPS Knives F.O.R.K. IT. Our T&E lab will be my house and two wild kids.


The F.O.R.K. IT was designed by Leo Espinoza. The premise is simple, a tool made for the backpacker (or anyone looking for a multi-function tool) that can address simple tasks and not take up to much room. The F.O.R.K. IT covers small tasks one will definitely encounter if camping. It can prepare tinder, pop a bottle, small cutting scenarios and a spork for eating like a civilized person. Now, I should of headed to the mountains to try out all the features but I thought my kids would be better at evaluating such a robust tool.

Scenario 1 – Ramen / Cup-Of-Noodles

Usually on camp trips with the family my kids love Cup-Of-Noodles for lunch. I figure it’s good they have a positive memory with this “food group” because at some point they will live on it while attending college. I handed my oldest the F.O.R.K. IT with her Ramen and she gave me this look as if I was punishing her. I told her she will be eating the next few meals with this tool. I mentioned it was a game and made up a story that involved an empowering female figure who was facing impossible odds and that the world was depending on her. After she ate her lunch of plastic noddles I asked her what she thought of the spork.

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