As you know, the folks here at the Loadout Room are straight-up gear nuts; We always look for quality gear and Vertx produces some of the greatest bags. I personally have two already; the EDC Messenger and EDC Gamut, and the new addition the EDC Satchel. I have seen some other reviews on this product that were negative; they missed the opportunity to realize what capabilities this bag has. Let’s first state that it is not a backpack or a messenger bag, but a satchel; a small bag with a shoulder strap. That’s a very narrow definition, but it’s what Vertx designed and why I’ll explain the benefits and some uses. Second, is the EDC part of the satchel, as with all Vertx EDC bags they have built-in Velcro for attaching Vertx’s unique Tactigami as well as other types of “hook and loop” attachment products. Additionally, they have included multiple zippered pockets with their typical accessory, mesh pockets, etc.

One issue mentioned by the other reviewer was that you couldn’t carry a bullet-proof insert. That’s true if you’re trying to stuff a SAPI plate or a standard soft plate in this small bag, but that’s just “inside the box” thinking. There are many companies (e.g., BulletBlocker for one) that can make custom sized inserts for this bag and as with all the traditional EDC Vertx bags it has the designed feature to use it as an expedient shield; any objects that can resist bullets are good.

About the bag, as per Vertx’s site, the bag was inspired to carry SLR cameras with a discreet profile, while being able to store and quickly access your everyday carry equipment. The bag is built with the same ballistic nylon materials as the other EDC Bags; the two I own, have traveled the world twice. I really like the forward opening as it provides rapid access to contents; the other reviewer stated that his tools, knives, etc., didn’t hold correctly. In my opinion, that reviewer should either get new clips or put a small strip of Velcro that will keep the old worn clips in place and still allows swift deployment. The next cool feature is the actual strap, which is made from 1919 modular webbing, which allows the wearer to adjust and add MOLLE attachments, carabiners, etc.


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As an Amateur Radio operator being able to take your communications gear mobile during a disaster or SHTF scenarios is an absolute necessity; especially in this era of continuing natural disasters. The Vertx satchel is perfect for carrying a field radio, portable battery, microphone, and field expedient antenna, etc.; I know all you commo freaks out there will love what this bag can offer. Just remember, don’t be narrow-minded about this bag, it has a ton of offerings.

Gear in the photo:

  • Yaesu FT-991A “Field Radio”
  • Kenwood TH-D7A
  • Diamond SRH320A Antenna
  • Patagonia Nanopuff Jacket
  • Oakley SI Ball cap


Check out the Vertx EDC Satchel video here: