There are several explanations of the Grey Man Philosophy out there but I’ve found most of them to be a bit over the top and “tin foil hat” for my tastes.  But, since I’ve mentioned it a few times on this site and in past posts on various forums, I thought I should share my version of it.

First and foremost, being a “Grey Man” is all about keeping a low profile.  That includes how you act, talk, dress, and train.  Need more?  Here are the basic tenets of the Modern Grey Philosophy.

  • #1 – A Grey Man never stands out in a crowd.  He never wears or carries anything that would be deemed out-of-place for whatever environment he’s in.  He would never open carry a firearm on the street, even if it is legal in his jurisdiction, because he doesn’t want to lose the tactical advantage if he’s forced to defend himself or his family.  If he’s in military service, a Grey Man doesn’t wear his uniform off-base or tactical-looking clothing when he’s off-duty.  As a civilian, he might carry a military looking bag (because it’s more common these days), but he doesn’t load it up with offensive or gun oriented morale patches.  Think more “Joe the Plumber” than “G.I. Joe”.

For the Grey Man, It isn’t about 2nd amendment rights, free speech, or not caring about what other people think.  It’s about personal security in a world that indiscriminately targets those who don’t conform or otherwise would be perceived a threat.

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