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By: Jason Swarr

There is nothing better in this world than watching a young company have the freedom to innovate. Modern Outfitters has been around since 2010, and it has embarked on an aggressive growth plan this year with several new product offerings. The company originally started as a retail store with a custom shop in-house. But since then Modern Outfitters has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include AR parts, Glock customization, Cerakote and the new MR1 bolt-action rifle. The company opened a new showroom in Dallas, Texas, in June, and it’s looking at more locations for showrooms. The guys behind Modern Outfitters are former and current military and law enforcement personnel as well as hunting fanatics.

I recently had the opportunity to demo the newest member in the company’s Modern Carbine lineup, the 8-inch-barreled MC6 PDW in 300 Blackout. This short-barreled rifle is built from the ground up to be lightweight and deadly accurate in an ultra-compact package. The two PDWs I shot were both in 300 Blackout, but Modern Outfitters is also offering this same configuration in 5.56mm NATO with an 11.5-inch barrel and 6.8 SPC with an 8-inch barrel.

These rifles are perfect for any law enforcement agency or homeowner looking for a weapon with plenty of firepower in a platform compact enough to use in tight quarters and remain easily concealable for missions that require discretion. The MC6 PDW is currently used by several police departments and special operations divisions as a patrol rifle for motorcycle units as well as SWAT/EP details. Even with the addition of a sound suppressor, the overall length of the complete weapon system is still shorter than a standard 16-inch-barreled AR. This configuration is also popular with hunters looking for a compact “truck gun” or a “lap rifle” when they’re cruising the ranch.

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