The military moved away from standard bull’s eye targets years ago when it comes to combat training. You’ll see them here and there for fundamentals training, but when it comes to stacking bodies they use man-shaped targets. Why? Because the idea is you train like you fight. The man shaped targets give soldiers a more realistic perspective of their enemy and get them used to put something man shaped in the crosshairs. The Modern Warrior T1 Target takes that a step further.

Real Life – Realistic Targets

The Modern Warrior T1 target isn’t just another man-shaped target. It’s a very realistic and modern target that’s designed to train shooters for the most important aspect of stopping a threat. Shot Placement. The biggest factor in stopping a threat isn’t whether our bullet is 9mm or 45 ACP, but where you put it. It’s not the size that matters, its what you do with it.

The Modern Warrior T1 targets depict realistic placement of the most efficient areas to shoot to neutralize a threat. This includes the heart and lungs, the brain or T Zone, as well as the pelvic area. This isn’t a blank outline of the area, but a graphic and realistic depiction of it. This includes the bones, the veins, exactly where its placed on the body.

Outside of that, you have a semi-transparent structure that shows the major blood traffic zones through the arms as well as the spine. The use of a realistic picture of an opponent aids in your ability to learn where vital zones are within reference to where clothes sit. If you look at a house from the outside you don’t know where the master bedroom is, but if someone tells you it’s the second window on the right upstairs you get the picture.

On this target in specific, you learn that the belt line is where you need to shoot for a vital fight stopping shot. Sure we all know where the pelvic girdle is, but building that into your training and muscle memory is an excellent way to add an edge to your instincts.

The Modern Warrior T1 Targets and You

These targets are perfect if you are a new shooter starting their journey in the defensive firearms realm. They highlight vital areas and reinforce shot placement over hitting a 10 ring. These areas are significant and will help shooters develop confidence in a practical way. When I train new shooters, I refuse to use small bullseye targets and prefer something like this where they can see more realistic results.

It also gets them thinking and learning just by shooting. For Salt Dogs the Modern Warrior T1 targets are going to skills sharp and allow them to hone in these vital areas even when shooting dynamically.


Drawing and firing, shooting around barriers, moving and shooting, etc. are all better done with a target that forces proper shot placement.

Some Admin Notes

There are a few more things I want to point out I like. The targets have a 1-inch square pattern behind the threat for easy adjustments and measure differences in accuracy. There is also a secondary offset target that can be used to confirm your zero or only as a more admin fundamentals targets for producing small groups.

The black background makes the targets an excellent choice for realistic training in low light scenarios. You won’t have a giant white target standing out. This is especially true if you are wearing NODs. Lastly, the targets are printed on thick and sturdy paper. It doesn’t tear when the wind blows, or crumble when handled roughly.


The Modern Warrior T1 targets are my new favorite targets. You can get yours here, and check out Omega Group Consulting as well.