Introduced in 2015 the Glock 43 was the first single stack 9mm pistol in a long line of double stack offerings from the Austrian manufacturer. This model was long overdue in both my opinion and that of many Glock fans. As much as I love to carry the Glock 19, it’s isn’t the most concealable option for me while wearing lighter summer clothing. For this, the single stack model 43 has the perfect profile. At only an inch thick, the Glock 43 can be concealed quite effortlessly.

We all know the Glock isn’t a perfect pistol right out of the box. Many owners look for new sights to replace the factory plastic pieces. Or a new trigger with a cleaner, lighter break. Another simple yet inexpensive upgrade is the magazine release. Tyrant Designs, better known for their skeletonized AR pistol grips, has taken their CNC expertise and produced a brilliant little mag release for the Glocks.

Tyrant Designs Extended Magazine Release

Installation is effortless and should take the average person about a minute to pop it into place. The extended mag release is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum ensuring an exact fit and beautiful finish. Offered in 5 different colors, you can select a bright contrast or a subtle color for your pocket pistol. Additionally, the slightly extended magazine release has an interesting chevron pattern machined onto the face. Its striking looks are second only to the tactile experience. My thumb had no problem locating and manipulating this little gem. As expected, it dropped the empty magazines without any issue.

Tyrant Designs

While new sights, a match barrel or trigger assembly are all sexy pieces, the extended magazine release is an easy and affordable component to swap out. For such a small part, the Extended Magazine Release from Tyrant Designs is a solid purchase. Made in the USA and retailing for only $27.95, this is your gateway drug to the new addiction of modifying your Glock pistol.

Tyrant Designs
Aerospace grade aluminum