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Monday Night Knife Fights: Ruben’s Blades
Tom Marshall

This week we’re looking at a one-off “tactical stiletto” hand built by Chad Ruben of Ruben’s Blades. The blade you see here was custom built for the author as a proof of concept for a knife that could retain some of the classic elegance of the iconic switchblade while modernizing the feature suite.

Monday Night Knife Fights: RUBEN’S BLADES

Ruben’s Blades, in its current form, has been around since 2012, but Chad Ruben made his first custom knife in 1995. Two years later he started Nemo Knives and ended up assembling knives for Frank Beltrame. These knives were assembled by Nemo Knives from Italian parts.

After working part time, then full time, then part time again as knife maker, Ruben moved to the Pacific Northwest and dedicated himself to the development of the Ruben’s Blades enterprise. RB knives are distributed exclusively by the team at in a variety of models and styles. In addition to his custom builds, he prototypes new designs, performs maintenance on other manufacturers’ auto knives, restores vintage autos and even converts traditional folding knives into automatics. Ruben’s Blades is the only shop that we’re aware of that provides all of these services under one roof as a turn-key solution for auto knives.