Morgan Koens is teaming up with Kizer for his first production collaboration, the Salient fixed blade. Fashioned for tactical purposes, Koens says this refined fighting knife can go beyond its intended role and flex into camp chores too.

A standout feature on the Salient is its sweeping, full-bellied drop point blade. Previous Kizer fixed blades, beginning with the Thumbper, have used stainless steel, but the Salient is made from DLC-coated 1095 carbon steel. Its cutting edge is just over six inches in length, and Koens tells us small details in this thoughtful blade shape cater to tactical applications. “The swedged portion thins out the spine for better penetrating,” he says. “The slight recurve and belly of the blade are great for slashing and making deep cuts.” Recurves can complicate sharpening, but Koens kept the one on the Salient mild, reducing headaches to a minimum. The easy-to-sharpen properties of 1095 should also help in this regard.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News