Joe Caswell stunned the knife world this week when he posted a short video of his morphing karambit prototype on social media. Caswell has won multiple awards for mechanical innovations in the past, and brought all his self-taught engineering know-how to bear on this jaw-dropping design. With the excitement the knife has generated, there is little doubt we’ll see a major brand licensing the design very soon. Caswell is already working on a new version, better suited to large scale production.

How does it work?
In its closed position, Caswell’s karambit can fit on your palm. With a squeeze of the hand it slides open into a locked, action-ready position. Caswell tells us he designed the spring-assisted action to be strongly biased towards the closed position through the first half of its deployment travel, and then strongly biased towards opening in the second half. The result is a knife that wants to stay safely closed until it reaches a threshold, at which point it springs open, ready to go.

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