There has been a resurgence of the MP-5. Importers and American companies are supplying clones and new AR pistol caliber carbines now run MP-5 magazines. HK Factory OEM magazines have always been expensive, hard to find and prone to corrosion. Many of these new manufacturers are providing KCI USA products as their OEM magazines.  Here’s why you need them for your gun.

KCI USA invests in high tech quality control. Their  all-steel construction and a curved mag body provides reliable feeding of all 30 rounds. The KCI 30-round H&K magazine works with H&K MP5 Gen 2-pattern firearms including: the MP5k, SP89, SP5K Zenith, MKE, Omega, POF, HK Contract MP5 variants, SW5, BW5, CA94, D54, V94, clones, and AR builds.

MP-5 Mags from KCI USA: 21st Century Tech at 20th Century Prices

One of the smartest things KCI USA has done is shoot their magazines, a lot. They are located in Las Vegas, home of the biggest machinegun rental ranges in the world. These guys shoot millions of rounds a month. KCI USA provides many of the magazines for these ranges and takes endurance testing to new levels.

The biggest single advantage the new magazines have is a 21st century electro-plating process which is slick for fast loading and highly resistant to corrosion. Any steel magazines are subject to rust. KCI USA has done extensive testing on their own products and their competitors. Their magazines are better by design.

MP-5 Mags from KCI USA: 21st Century Tech at 20th Century Prices
HK magazine on left, KCI USA on right after 5% saltwater exposure.


  • 30 Round capacity

  • Cold Rolled Steel Body with smooth matte black finish (with no grittiness)

  • Removable Baseplate

  • Chromed steel follower fully supports the round stack

  • Flat Feed Lips  for reliability

These KCI USA magazines are not just pretty. I have run them in several ARs and MP-5 clones in semi and full auto. They perform. I cannot say that about my aging factory HK magazines.

MP-5 Mags from KCI USA: 21st Century Tech at 20th Century Prices

Well made magazines which don’t malfunction are boring and often go unnoticed. Conventional wisdom is that 80% of weapons malfunctions are caused by magazines. To often, shooters over look this basic truth and continue to run poor magazines far past their useful life. Invest in quality magazines and track their performance.


You will not be disappointed in KCI USA. They have gone the extra mile to make sure you get the value and performance you deserve. You can get your very own KCI USA magazines HERE for $34.99