Today there are two types of wristwatches out there. Classic analog watches with hands and a clock dial that keep time via Quartz or Automatic mechanisms. Then there are the smartwatches. Miniaturized wrist computers with a multifunction screen. I’m a classic watch kind of guy, accumulating a drawer full of them over the years. Titanium and Stainless Steel cased quartz workhorses and a few dressier automatics. What I don’t have is an Apple Watch. Which is odd considering I own an iPhone, iPad and iMac. One would assume I’d also have an Apple Watch to round out that ecosystem. But I just can’t do it. Although I’d probably love the functionality of one, it’s soulless square black screen does nothing for me. There’s just nothing sexy about it. MTM Special Ops Watch recently answered the call with their new Status. A brilliant example of blending traditional and digital design.

MTM Status
Classic Dial with discreet OLED screen on the bottom half

At first glance, you’d have no idea the Status is anything more than a traditional round cased timepiece. The 45.5mm solid titanium case keeps weight down considering it’s 16mm thick as well. Weighing only 6.25 oz with the metal band, even lighter with a leather or nylon bands, it doesn’t feel as big as it looks. Lying below the anti-glare Sapphire Crystal glass is a slick composite dial with luminous hands and large easy to read numbers. Within the lower half of the dial lies a discreet OLED display. Only visible on demand or when an incoming message or phone call is displayed. All of which can be programmed on the MTM App. More on that later.

MTM Status Video Review:

Additionally, the MTM Status is fully customizable. With two different dials to choose from (clock or compass), four dial colors, three case colors and over thirty band options, it’s easy to configure the exact look you’re after. I wanted something classy that would look good in most situations so I opted for a sandblasted gray case and matching metal bracelet. I also opted for a black NATO and a coffee leather band to offer additional options. Worth mentioning are the quick release spring bars that MTM chose making band swapping much simpler (seen below).

MTM Status
Recharging dock and quick release spring bars

The guts of the Status operate on a proprietary MTM gearbox and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Recharging is a snap (literally) with the included USB plug. Simply snap the plug onto the charging port on the back of the case. Over the past month or so, I’ve found that charging is necessary about every 7-10 days. Fortunately, the smartwatch gives you a heads up when the battery needs some juice. I tested a “smart GPS watch” from another manufacturer that barely made it through the day on a single charge. Finally, each Status is individually numbered on the back and shipped in a functional watertight tactical case.

MTM Status Smart Features:

  • FUNCTIONS:  Activities, Multiple Time Zone, Navigation, Compass, Weather, Hot Keys, Notifications, Alarm, Chronograph and Count Down Timer
  • APPLICATIONS: MTM Proprietary App, Compatible with IOS and Android using Bluetooth
  • ACTIVITIES:  Steps and calories recorded and logged so you can track your activity over time
  • NAVIGATION:  Enter a destination to receive directions from your MTM Status watch.
  • DIGITAL COMPASS:  Yes. Analog watch hands switch into an all-terrain compass
  • CHRONOGRAPH:  Measuring range: 23 Hours, 59 Minutes, 59.99 Seconds.
  • ALARM MODE:  Scheduled Alarm
  • MULTIPLE TIME ZONES:  Local Time, Home City, World Time, Up to 50 Time Zones
MTM Status
Unique three button crown

I own several timepieces from MTM Special Ops like the Cobra, Air Stryk II and Vulture. The Status is currently among my favorite daily drivers. Recent trips to Nevada and Colorado showcased some of its handy features. For example, the watches ability to know what time zone you are in via the BT connection to a smartphone. As soon as your aircraft is on the ground and you switch off airplane mode, the Status adjusts the analog hands to the current time zone. No more fumbling around while manually resetting the time. With the option to receive a plethora of notifications from your phone, the Status gently vibrates to inform you of the incoming information. And temporarily displays the message on the OLED screen. If the watch hands happen to be in the lower half of the dial, the Status momentarily moves them out of the way to not obscure the OLED screen.

MTM Status App:

The MTM App is broken down into eight sections. “Activities” which tracks your steps and graphs them out in various easy to read formats. “Time” allows the user to store local time, home city, world time (up to 50 time zones). “City Navigation” pushes directions to the watch to help you navigate to a destination. “Compass” is just what you think. The analog hands form a compass needle and track north. While the numeric magnetic heading is displayed on screen. “Hot Keyes” assign certain functions to the top button. Like start/stop music, find your phone or use as a remote camera shutter. “Notifications” allow messages from sixteen of the most popular phone apps like Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, email, calendar, etc. “Profile” Just a few personal specs to help calculate steps and calories in the Activities section. And finally “Device” which displays battery status, software updates and version.

MTM Status

Final thoughts:

The MTM Status strikes a perfect balance between a rugged tactical watch and functional smartwatch. And for me, it’s perfect. I regularly use the Activities feature along with several notifications. Sometimes at work, it’s just easier to glance at my wrist to see if anything urgent is incoming. Versus putting my tools down to pull my phone out of my pocket. The compass, for the most part, works when properly calibrated but not something I’ve tested in depth. The remote camera shutter, when assigned to the “hot key”, has been beneficial when videoing product reviews like the one above.

Saving the best for last is the price. With a price range of only $600-$750 depending on which watch band and color you select. The Status is among the most affordable watches in the entire MTM line. With premium features like a solid titanium case, rechargeable lithium battery, depth rated to 330 feet along with a host of customization, the Status is a no brainer. I recommend taking a look at their webpage to customize one for yourself before MTM realizes they’ve priced this rugged smart watch way too low.