When I first wrote about the Muck Boots (Pursuit Glory) I still needed to put them through some testing. Since that article, I have used them hunting turkey, scouting deer, and for dirty chores around the house. I have used them on steep terrain, in snow, in water, and around the camp fire. Overall, I am extremely pleased with their performance.

One of my initial concerns was whether there would be internal sliding while traversing steep terrain. As mentioned previously, when you put the Pursuit Glory on your foot, you notice how it encapsulates your foot. It almost feels like your foot locks into place. My feet stayed secure while ascending and descending extremely steep terrain. Due to their technology, I never encountered any hot spots which would have inevitably lead to blisters.

I have always been a thin sock man because my feet get hot fast. I have even forgone insulated boots in the winter because my feet will get so warm. Where I was hunting it was approximately 30F in the morning and would get well above 45F in the middle of the day. At the peak of the day I would notice my feet getting warm, however, it wasn’t as severe as I thought it might get. These boots have a -40F to 40F rating, and I was operating well past the 40F ratings comfortably.

Some of the terrain I encountered while turkey hunting.
Some of the terrain I encountered while turkey hunting.

Pursuit Glory Specs (All specifications are based off a Men’s 10)

Height: 16”  

Weight: 5 pounds/ 2.26 kilograms

Color: Real-Tree Camouflage

Materials/ Treatments:

  • 5mm CR flex-foam
  • Triple density PU sock-liner
  • Scent Masking
  • Fleece lining

Temperature Range: -40F to 40F

Limited Warranty: 1 year protection from defects in materials

Traction control was great. No rolling or sliding as I walked rocky outcrops. Traversing water and muddy areas was a breeze. There was never a time where I stepped out of my boot because it was trapped in mud. Typically I was carrying a pack and weapon, and these boots provided the confidence that I wasn’t going to go for a tumble.

Muck Boots: Pursuit Glory Review
Eastern Washington

The Pursuit Glory’s added protection and height both came in handy. In the early morning, I tucked my pants into the boots and let them work like gators, keeping my pants dry. Additionally every time I had something bounce off my shins, I realized the advantage of using Muck Boots over conventional boots.

If you have never tried Muck Boots before, I recommend that you give the Pursuit Glory a try. If you are looking for a boot that is warm, waterproof, has great traction control and provides solid protection, look no further. Any hunter, fisher, or outdoor enthusiast could benefit from owning a pair.

These boots can be purchased directly from The Muck Boot here,  or from Amazon here.

(Featured image courtesy of muckbootcompany.com)